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As colourful as life itself

Neon colours have a long history of success. As far back as the eighties, Madonna, the queen of pop, danced across the stage in neon leggings, and aerobics icon Jane Fonda wore pink sweat bands for her workouts.

In the nineties, neon-clad Dr. Motte fans were dancing at the huge Love Parades in Berlin, and at the beginning of the new century, tennis star Serena Williams raced to the top in her brightly coloured outfits in an otherwise monotonous white ball game. Nowadays, we can’t imagine the sport and leisure world without bright colours: trendy, highly functional outfits motivate active people to perform at their best from one end of the country to the other.

The elbow is often affected

If you overdo it, you can put too much strain on your body. The elbow is often affected as many tendons, ligaments and muscles meet at this point – the infamous tennis or golfer’s elbow is a threat. But monotonous movements of the hand and arm in other sports activities, manual work, at the building site or even in the office can also lead to inflammation and pain. That’s where the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE provides relief. The elbow support is an effective medical treatment and preventive aid. It doesn’t just stabilise and protect the joint in case of strains, it also provides support for sprains, strains and dislocations, as well as wear and tear and after surgery. And as an added bonus you can now get it in exciting new colours: in Pink Heat, Glowing Green or Dark Blue Sensation, the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE will attract attention.

Comfort and relief

From the first moment of putting on the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE, patients can feel the comfort of the breathable, skin-friendly comfort knit. The especially elastic comfort zone in the elbow crease adjusts to every movement of the arm while the anatomically shaped silicone pressure pads with epicondylar cutout provide stable and secure guidance for the joint. At the same time, they massage the surrounding tissue and stimulate blood circulation in the muscles. The pleasant wearing comfort of the anatomically knitted JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE is maintained even when worn over longer periods – not least thanks to the finished borders that only exert minimal pressure and prevent constriction of the tissue on the upper arm and forearm. The energy kick and motivation boost you get from the three intense new colours is just a little extra on top.

Successful in top-class sport

Anna Schaffelhuber wears the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE

“I’m not currently out and about in the snow, but as the saying goes, winter sports enthusiasts are made in the summer. Apart from endurance training with my hand bike, I’m spending a lot of time in the gym at the moment. Staying power, speed-strength, skill, coordination – it all needs to be just right when the racing season kicks off. I’m not leaving anything to chance. When I’m training hard, I can run into problems with the elbow from time to time. That’s why I wear the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE , for the preparation phase as well as when skiing.

It just feels better. It doesn’t just support my joints, it also offers protection. “I really like the new colours, you can go out anywhere with them. My current plans? First of all, I’m going to do some ski training in Switzerland. And the first race is just around the corner, in Pitztal, in November. Keep your fingers crossed for me!”

Anna Schaffelhuber wears the JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE when cycling
Two men with a basketball


JuzoPro orthoses provide stabilisation, relief and guidance for affected or injured joints.

Man wearing Juzo support


JuzoFlex supports provide anatomical guidance for the affected joints and support them during movement.

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