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Something for everyone: Juzo compression stockings

More than just black and white

Spice can transform a good meal into a great one. What’s more: they open up a whole world of colours, fragrances and sensations.

Here at Juzo, we have allowed the incredible variety of spices to inspire us and we present an expressive colour range to match all our compression garments (except supports and orthoses). These colours make our offering even more attractive and individual and facilitate the selection of the matching product.

Definitely much more than just black and white – just like the passion, flexibility and reliability of our staff.

Sugar: white temptation

Stocking in a strainer

Sugar was once a sought-after commodity – today calorie counters avoid it like the plague. If only this guilty pleasure weren’t so delicious! Sugar lets our taste buds sing with every slice of cake, each piece of chocolate. We have decided not to let sugar get to the hips – we are putting it on the legs instead! Great for the figure!

Beneficial properties:
• Stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain
• Temporary power booster
• Food preservative

Origin: East Asia

Recipes with sugar

Sesame: crunchy and nutty

Juzo Sesame

“Sumsum.” That is the name of sesame in the orient. It sounds like a little melody – like someone happily humming along or like an Oriental night – that softly envelops the legs. We feel that this warm hue is the “Open Sesame” for a gorgeous outfit. And best of all: you’ll have a thousand and one styling options!

Beneficial properties:
• Promotes healthy bones
• Lowers blood pressure
• One of the oldest oil plants in the world

Origin: Southern Asia

Recipes with sesame

Almond: elegant and sophisticated

Juzo stocking Almond with almonds

According to Greek mythology, the first almond tree sprang from a drop of blood of the goddess Cybele. The beauty of the so-called “almond eyes” of Far-Eastern women is the stuff of legends. One thing is for sure: the delicate, slightly bitter aroma of the almond adds an unmistakeable flair to sweet treats and spicy dishes. We feel that almond as a colour hue is simply unbeatable – and it looks super elegant on the legs!

Beneficial properties:
• Rich in vitamin E
• Brain food
• Prevents heart disease

Origin: Arabian Peninsula

Recipes with almond

Cinnamon: sensual and aromatic

Juzo stockings Cinnamon with cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is among the oldest spices known to man and its stimulating scent also makes it one of the most popular. Cinnamon makes people happy – for example as a stick swirling around a glass of mulled wine. Cinnamon warms the heart and senses – who doesn’t love its fragrance wafting around the house at Christmas time. But if we have to choose, then we will always pick the most beautiful aspect of cinnamon: its gorgeous hue for stockings.

Beneficial properties:
• One of the oldest spices in the world
• Brain food
• Reduces acne

Origin: Sri Lanka

Recipes with cinnamon

Cacao: intensive pleasure

Juzo stocking in Cacao

Cacao is steeped in mystery. The black gold of the Incas is seductively powdery, mysteriously dark, the nectar of the gods – and of course the basis for everything chocolate. Most importantly, however, Cacao is one of our stocking colours. We think it is irresistible.

Beneficial properties:
• Mood-lifting
• Lowers blood pressure
• Heightens concentration

Origin: Central and South America

Recipes with cacao

Poppy seed: small but mighty

Juzo stocking Poppy Seed

Poppy (papaver) has many faces – probably around 50 to 120. There is grey poppy, ladybug poppy, red poppy, Turkish poppy, Oriental poppy, opium poppy – this all-rounder is really very impressive. We wanted to add one more to its incredible versatility and decided to get Poppy Seed on people’s legs. It looks great with virtually any colour!

Beneficial properties:
• Against sleeplessness
• Analgesic
• Rich in iron

Origin: Western Asia

Recipes with poppy seed

Blueberry: deliciously juicy

Juzo Sugar

Blueberries are special. They contain a whole range of vitamins, valuable substances like iron, calcium and magnesium, they taste amazing and – of course – they have a striking colour. We allowed ourselves to be inspired by these tiny fruits and have created a stocking colour that feels as if it comes straight from the orchard: For your daily portion of joie de vivre!

Beneficial properties:
• Rich in nutrients
• Anti-ageing properties
• Prevents heart disease

Origin: North America

Recipes with blueberries

Pepper: the fiery kicker

Stocking Pepper with pepper mill

When something is missing, a certain spice, that special extra something, a little hint of fire – then that is what will tip the scales. Pepper adds the necessary warmth that makes a good dish a tickler for the taste buds. Our stockings in fiery Pepper add a little pep to your stride.

Beneficial properties
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antipyretic
• Stimulates digestion

Origin: India

Recipes with pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.