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Juzo ScarPrime Light

Garment for post-operative treatment, shortenable, made of innovative Clean-Cut material
Art. 4000

Juzo ScarPrime Light

Garment for post-operative treatment, shortenable, made of innovative Clean-Cut material
Art. 4000

Juzo ScarPrime Light sleeves are available in 5 standard sizes (1-5) and the leggings in 6 standard sizes (1-6).  
Thanks to Juzo’s new Clean-Cut material, ScarPrime Light products can be adjusted to the required length. This is because the garment can be individually cut to size at the lower ends. This produces permanently neat and dimensionally stable cut edges. Furthermore, the material is soft and very elastic, making it particularly comfortable to wear. 
Juzo ScarPrime Light products are used for immediate post-operative care as well as after injuries. They support the healing process of scars in the first few weeks.

Product information



  • Material can be shortened and individually adjusted without fraying, thanks to Clean-Cut technology
  • Light, soft and comfortable to wear
  • Material with four-way stretch offers high freedom of movement
  • Protects and supports the healing process of scars 
  • High breathability and good moisture wicking
  • Medically effective compression: 20 – 23 mmHg
  • UV Protection Factor UPF 80
  • Flat and soft seams
  • Discreet, unobtrusive look suitable for everyday use

Product varieties


  • Silicone border for optimum hold
  • Can be used individually on the left or right
  • No seams at the hem
  • Position of the seam on the arm can be freely selected
  • Can be shortened up to 3 cm in length
  • Five standard sizes to choose from



  • Comfortable cut with high waist
  • Left zipper with hook underlap make the garment easy to put on
  • Double-layered waistband for increased comfort
  • No seams at the hem
  • Closed crotch
  • Can be shortened up to 5 cm in length
  • Six standard sizes to choose from



The colours shown are based on the original product.


Please see the size chart for exact standard size measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.



Instructions for use

The instructions for use for your product, including indications, are available here:

Please contact our Customer Service Team at info@juzo.de if you require accessible instructions for use.

Care instructions

Please note the care instructions on the textile label sewn into your Juzo ScarPrime Light product or the information printed on the inside.

If possible, your compression garments should be washed every day on a gentle or delicate wash cycle (40°C). Tip: a mesh laundry bag provides the knitted fabric with additional protection. Please do not use fabric softener!

Dress information

Further information

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With the right scar therapy, the appearance and function of many scars can be positively influenced.