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Silicone products

Ideal support for scar treatment with compression

Scars are caused by injuries or surgical procedures, but they are also the result of the natural wound healing process. An important component of scar treatment is the use of silicone, also in combination with compression garments.


Medical silicone allows a moist environment to develop on the scar, meaning the scar doesn’t dry out. It keeps the scar soft and has a beneficial effect on the scar tissue.

Combination of silicone and compression

Silicone and compression are the perfect combination when treating scars. The compression garment also applies therapeutically effective pressure to the closed wound. This counteracts uncontrolled and excessive rebuilding of connective tissue. The combination of the compression garment’s constant surface pressure and silicone has a positive healing effect on the scar.

Compression glove with integrated Juzo Silon-TEX®
Juzo Silon®-TEX

Medical silicone layer on textile base material

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With the right scar therapy, the appearance and function of many scars can be positively influenced.