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JuzoPro Malleo

Ankle orthosis with innovative padding system
Art. 7009

JuzoPro Malleo

Ankle orthosis with innovative padding system
Art. 7009

The padding makes the difference

The JuzoPro Malleo ankle orthosis features a compelling, comfortable padding system that conforms perfectly to the anatomy of the ankle. The fabric cover on the pads prevents skin irritation. Two inelastic Velcro fasteners ensure the necessary stability. These, along with the heel band, can be individually adjusted to obtain the required therapeutic effect. This Juzo Malleo orthosis, which can be worn with almost any shoe, is suitable, for example, for counteracting chronic instability of the upper ankle joint, for the postoperative care of ligament injuries or as a substitute for a plaster cast. It is especially versatile and will impress you, in particular, by its excellent stabilisation of the ankle joint.

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Product information



  • Pads conform perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer
  • Fabric cover on the pads avoids skin irritation
  • Two inelastic Velcro fasteners and the heel band can be adjusted at any time for optimum treatment results
  • Thanks to its shape, the orthosis can be worn with almost any shoe



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The product is available in a universal size.

Instructions for use

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