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JuzoFlex Genuaktiv

Knee support with crescent-shaped, asymmetric pads
Art. 3242

JuzoFlex Genuaktiv

Knee support with crescent-shaped, asymmetric pads
Art. 3242

For balanced muscle activation

The distinguishing feature of the innovative JuzoFlex Genuaktiv knee support are the crescent-shaped, asymmetric massage pads. The massage pads guide the kneecap and provide comfortable relief for the knee joint. In conjunction with the compression knit, the pads produce a massaging effect during movement that stimulates the circulation in the surrounding muscles. This accelerates a reduction in swelling and activates sensorimotor processes for improved muscle control.

Bilateral double spiral stays round off the therapeutic efficacy of the Genuaktiv knee support. Very comfortable to wear thanks to the Comfort cushion for hollow of the knee – even during longer periods of sitting.

The colour Beige is only available for custom-made products.

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Product information



  • Crescent-shaped, asymmetric pads
  • Bilateral double spiral stays
  • Comfort cushion for the back of the knee
Flat knit



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.


Please see the size chart for exact standard size measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.


The product is available as a standard solution (sizes 1 - 6 or XS - XXL) as well as custom-made.

Instructions for use

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