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Compression products with silver thread

Patients with lymphological and phlebological illnesses are prone to bacterial skin infections. This also applies to people with scars following burns or scalding, or with post-operative scars. In these cases, they can benefit from the antibacterial effect of pure silver.

X-Static silver thread is knitted into Juzo Silver compression products. It has a natural antibacterial effect. The silver filaments in the X-Static thread are much bigger than silver nano particles, and take effect on the skin surface. 

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Features of the silver knitted fabrics at a glance

  • Antibacterial: silver ions from the X-Static silver thread, which are generated during interaction between air and skin humidity, eliminate 99% of pus-producing organisms (such as Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the skin), even after as little as 4 hours. 
  • Natural: silver has a natural antibacterial effect. 
  • Thermodynamic: knitted fabrics with silver threads are cooling in summer and provide warmth in winter. The metal threads regulate heat balance between the skin and the knitted fabric, therefore ensuring particular wearing comfort.
  • Odour-inhibiting: bacteria generate odour-intensive metabolic products. By reducing bacteria activity, fewer troubling odours are created. 
  • Durable: the X-Static silver thread contains a polyamide thread coated in pure silver. This means the antibacterial effect will last for the product’s entire life cycle. 

Oedema therapy products

Lymphoedema and constant wearing of flat knit garments can cause skin to dry out and become cracked, meaning it is prone to inflammation. The antibacterial effect of silver in Juzo Expert Silver and Juzo Expert Strong Silver reduces itching and inflammation, and can restore balance to inflamed and irritated skin.  

Oedema therapy products with silver thread

Juzo Expert Silver and Juzo Expert Strong Silver products offer special wearing comfort and antibacterial effects for patients with particularly sensitive skin. 

Vein treatment products 

 Dermatitis and eczemas can be side effects of vein problems. The X-Static silver thread knitted into the Juzo Dynamic Silver can prevent bacterial growth, and has a pleasant cooling as well as anti-inflammatory effect. Additionally, itching can be significantly reduced thanks to the combination of compression knit and silver. 

Vein treatment products with silver thread

The continuous knitted-in silver thread in the circular knit Juzo Dynamic Silver stocking develops its antibacterial effect by natural means. 

Scar therapy products  

Damaged skin can be the source of infection. Juzo ScarComfort Silver can help to reduce harmful bacterial colonisation, and prevent new developments. Bacteria will increase less quickly owing to the knitted-in silver thread. At the same time, balance of the inflamed and irritated skin is restored.  

scar therapy products with silver thread

Juzo ScarComfort Silver unites the great features of the Juzo ScarComfort Pure with an antibacterial effect, thanks to the knitted-in X-Static silver thread in the compression knit.