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Dip Dye Collection

The individual and extravagant colour gradient

You’re showing everyone that you’re an artist. You live out your creativity, also showing it with your style and your compression garments. Sometimes you use bright colours to add a special touch, sometimes you emphasise your character with subdued hues. No matter which style you prefer, you’ve always got that certain something - especially thanks to your compression garments. With the Juzo Dip Dye Collection in Grey and Blue, you demonstrate how unique you are.

Turn your life into a piece of art, and fill it with happiness and joy!

Like being dunked in a paint pot – that’s the principle of this unique colouring technique. Dip Dye means “being dipped”, and that’s how the finished compression garment looks at the end of the process. The soft and subtle colour gradient is typical of the Dip Dye technique. To effectively achieve this on compression knits, Juzo developed a special and sophisticated colouring technique, which also places great emphasis on environmental sustainability. Right on trend for sustainable products!

The Dip Dye Collection – colour gradient in Grey and Blue 

Choose your favourite colour to go with your mood and your outfit. The Juzo Dip Dye Collection is available in Grey and Blue. In addition to the already available circular knit Juzo Inspiration compression stockings, the colour gradient is now also available for the flat knit Juzo Expert.

Circular knit garments: Juzo Inspiration
(compression classes 1 - 2) 
Thigh stockings and pantyhose in standard sizes and custom-made 

Flat knit garments: Juzo Expert 
(compression classes 1 - 2)
Below knee stockings, thigh stockings, sleeves, sleeves with bra fastening, sleeves with bolero connection and custom-made one-piece arm supports

Stand out from the crowd with your compression garments in the colour Grey

Your new Dip Dye compression stockings and sleeves in Grey are just as extravagant as you. Skilfully add the finishing touches – surprise and amaze your friends again and again with your compression garments! 

The Blue of your compression garments brings lightness into your life

You know exactly what you can do, and that you can achieve anything. You turn a dab of paint into a piece of art. Just like you create a wow effect with your compression garments in the picturesque colour gradient Blue.

Dip Dye als Armversorgung für den flachgestrickten Juzo Expert

Juzo Dip Dye Collection – the picturesque brush stroke for compression garments. That certain something for flat knit arm supports.

Two women are sitting at a table making pottery. They are wearing compression garments with a dip-dye look.

Dip Dye for Juzo Inspiration

Whether Grey or Blue – be inspired by the colour gradient. Lifestyle and design even more elegantly combined for vein therapy.

Two women are sitting at a table making pottery. They are wearing compression garments with a dip-dye look.

Dip Dye for Juzo Expert

Now also available for Juzo Expert – the Dip Dye Collection in Grey and Blue. Perfect for your individual oedema treatment

Discover the Dip Dye Collection colours now

The colours shown are based on the original product.  

Owing to the manufacturing process, slight colour variations are possible.