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Blueberry & Ricotta Cake


Crunchy base:
100 g rusk
100 g butter
6 g grated lemon zest

6 leaves of white gelatine
150 g blueberries
250 g ricotta
75 g sugar
1 pinch of ground nutmeg
200 g cream

For coating:
300 g cream
100 g blueberries
1 sachet cream stabiliser
1 tsp sugar
Some nutmeg

Preparation time: 40 minutes

A little practice will be required

1. Place the rusk into a freezer bag, seal well and then use a rolling pin to finely crumble it. Melt the butter in a pot, then incorporate it with the lemon zest an rusk crumble. Smooth the batter into a springform pan to make a flat base.

2. For the filling, soak the gelatine according to the package instructions. The blueberries
must now be washed and drip dried. Purée the ricotta with 150 g blueberries, the mix with the sugar and nutmeg using a whisk.

3. Whip the cream until stiff. Dissolve the gelatine using the package instructions. First, mix about 4 tbsp of the blueberry and ricotta mixture with the dissolved gelatine, the add the rest of the mixture. As soon as the mixture begins to gel, fold in the cream. Add the mixture to your springform pan and smooth down flat onto the base. Let the cake rest for 3 hours in the fridge.

4. For the topping, first whip it until stiff with the cream stabiliser and sugar. Remove the cake fro the mould, then spread the cream on top (leaving about 2 tbsp). Take the leftover cream using the round side of the teaspoon and spread unevenly on top of the cake, add
blueberries and some nutmeg on top, then serve.

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