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Juzo Silicone borders

For a secure fit

Juzo Silicone borders

For a secure fit

Balance silicone border
The Balance silicone border with its micro-nub coating made from skin-friendly silicone has been specially tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin. 
Our patients should feel as comfortable as possible when wearing their compression stockings. Compliance can only be achieved by ensuring the stockings offer maximum wearing comfort as well as a perfect fit and hold. It is especially important to be able to accommodate the needs of patients with highly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation.

Balance silicone border pattern
The Balance silicone border pattern combines favourable fastening characteristics with a fashionable appearance. The micro-nub coating, made from skin-friendly silicone, caters particularly to the requirements of sensitive skin. In addition, its subtle diamond pattern turns it into an eye-catcher and provides an attractive and secure hold.

Silicone border
The textured silicone surface provides additional adhesion and prevents the stocking from slipping. The small silicone beads allow the air to circulate well. The discreet silicone border is an ideal choice for compression stockings for men.

Silicone border pattern
The decorative silicone border combines the secure fastening characteristics of the silicone border with an attractive appearance.

Lace silicone border
A silicone border option with a three-row, continuous circular silicone coating on the inside of the stocking. The silicone has excellent adhesion characteristics. Ladies in particular appreciate the fashionable, elegant look.

Elastic edging 

Adhesive edging without silicone nubs to reinforce the ends of the knitted fabric. Ideal for patients with very sensitive skin.

Please note that the Juzo adhesive margins vary depending on the product.