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Juzo Pressure Monitor

Easily measure the level of compression
Art. 9065 

Juzo Pressure Monitor

Easily measure the level of compression
Art. 9065 

Using the Juzo Pressure Monitor, the effective level of compression of adjustable compression products can be measured as part of decongestion therapy.

Compared with other pressure measurement devices, the major advantage of the Juzo Pressure Monitor is its user-friendliness. To measure the pressure, put on the compression bandage or the adjustable compression wrap (ACW) as usual. Then, turn on the device and insert the pressure sensor beneath the adjustable compression garment using the positioning aid. The display will then show the current resting or working pressure. In this way, the device can be used as a guide for the therapist and for optimising the therapeutic function of adjustable compression products. Furthermore, the Juzo Pressure Monitor is the perfect aid for medical specialists to train patients using adjustable compression wraps.

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Product information



  • easy to use
  • pressure sensor with practical positioning aid
  • measurement beneath compression rolls and adjustable compression wraps that have already been put on
  • dynamic display of resting and working pressure
  • hygienic disposable protective covers for the pressure sensor
  • memory for up to 10 measurements

Instructions for use

The instructions for use for your product, including the indications, are available here:

If you have any impairment that makes it difficult for you to read or understand the instructions for use, please contact our customer service at info@juzo.com.

Areas of application

The Juzo Pressure Monitor has been specifically developed for use beneath adjustable compression wraps (ACW), such as the Juzo ACS Light and Juzo Compression Wrap, as well as compression bandages for measuring pressure around the leg. It is not suitable for measuring pressure under compression stockings.

Juzo ACS Light

The Juzo ACS Light features compression of up to 40 mmHg. Owing to its short-stretch properties, a low resting pressure and a high working pressure is exerted. The individual segments are easy to put on, thanks to the integrated lining (fixing aid), and are therefore ideal for self-therapy. Once decongestion has progressed, the required compression can be restored by adjusting the touch fasteners.

Juzo Compression Wrap

The Juzo Compression Wrap provides variable compression of 30 – 60 mmHg and is therefore also suitable for patients in high-intensity therapy. The extremely short-stretch material exerts very high working pressure and low resting pressure. The double-sided touch fasteners and helpful gripping zones ensure easy donning and adjustment of the segments, even as part of self-therapy. The product is reversible, with black on one side and beige on the other.

Compression bandages Juzo SoftCompress

Juzo SoftCompress

The Juzo Pressure Monitor is also suitable for measuring under all adjustable compression products that are secured using compression bandages. The cushioning material used in the Juzo SoftCompress ensures the perfect distribution of pressure provided by compression bandages, and prevents pressure points and damaged skin. The vertical foam channels support decongestion, thus promoting treatment success. Juzo SoftCompress also saves those in charge of treatment a lot of time and money