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JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Light

Ankle orthosis with a shell construction
Art. 7008

JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Light

Ankle orthosis with a shell construction
Art. 7008

Lightweight yet stable

JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Light is as versatile as the people who use it in their active daily lives. Being the first predominantly textile ankle orthosis with a shell construction, it is exceptionally slim and very lightweight. The advantage of this is that it can fit into any kind of shoe and can be used in both everyday life and during sport.

Additional fastening straps and a heel band ensure an optimal fit and stability. Thanks to the select materials used, the textile-coated inner side of the stabilising element is very comfortable on the skin. The resulting high wearing comfort of the Malleo Xtec Light is further increased by the large malleolus cutouts in the stabilising element that produce a comfortable and airy feeling and prevent pressure sores. Ideal for supporting the ankle joint after injuries or during sport.

Product information



  • Individually adjustable fastening straps and heel band
  • Select materials for high wearing comfort
  • Functional design with large malleolus cutout in the stabilising element
  • Soft yet stable stabilising element
  • Extremely slim design ensures the orthosis can be worn in any shoe



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.


The product is available in a universal size.

Instructions for use

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