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Juzo Basic

Proven quality for everyday life 
Art. 3411, 3412

Juzo Basic

Proven quality for everyday life 
Art. 3411, 3412

The Juzo Basic has everything you’d expect from a medical compression stocking: durability, robustness and tested medical effectiveness. True to our motto “Focused on the essentials”, it is a reliable and robust everyday accessory.


Juzo Basic, tried-and-tested basic equipment

The Juzo Basic is a timeless and long-established basic compression stocking for the treatment of phlebological conditions. It is available in six standard sizes or as a custom-made product and optionally with an open or closed toe. Additionally, you can choose from three colours.

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Product information




Black pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.


The product is available as a standard solution (sizes 1 - 6 or XS - XXL) as well as custom-made. Please see the size chart for exact standard size measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.


Instructions for use

The instructions for use for your product, including the indications, are available here:

If you have any impairment that makes it difficult for you to read or understand the instructions for use, please contact our customer service at info@juzo.com

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